Railay Travel Tips: Railay on a Budget

Railay, Thailand is one of the first places I read about when we were considering a trip to Southeast Asia. As I browsed Pinterest boards full of inspiring images of beaches and long tail boats I quickly noticed that many of the pictures were from Railay. We knew we had to see it.


Boracay Family Travel Guide

In our Boracay travel guide we tell you all about how to get the most from your Boracay vacation! Boracay is family travel paradise. Powder soft white sand beaches lapped by clear blue water. Coconut palms overhanging the beach under which you can lounge at any one of hundreds of restaurants and cafes.

Merry Christmas from the Philippines

Seasons Greetings from the Philippines! Sorry for not sending cards this year – I think the postage expense might lead to the end to our travels! As the annual Christmas letter is a family tradition, and part of the inspiration for our current adventure, we are publishing it here on the blog instead of mailing paper copies. Look at us being sustainable!

Surviving A Long Haul Red Eye Flight With Twin 3 Year Olds

We’ve taken quite a few long haul flights with Aurora and Jasper before. While all of this experience makes us a bit more confident, we still never quite know how the kids will handle all that time on a plane. The added complication of leaving in the middle of the night definitely tests our family travel savvy. Here’s the story of our most recent long haul red eye with kids.

Packing for Long Term Family Travel

How do you pack when you plan to travel with kids long term, even indefinitely? In the past we’ve subscribed to the idea that anything beyond a week or two is essentially the same from a packing perspective. While that’s largely the strategy we followed to pack for this adventure, we came across a few complications due to our chosen destinations and the significantly longer time frame.

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