Treat Yourself to a Bohol Island Family Holiday

We knew Bohol Island needed to be on our Philippines itinerary. With natural wonders like the Chocolate Hills, amazing animal life like the Philippine tarsier, and stunning beaches it was an easy choice.


Alona Beach Too Developed? You’ll Love Dumaluan

We loved staying near Alona Beach but missed the wide beach and great swimming of Boracay. While not quite White Beach, Dumaluan is a great alternative to Alona for a day of sun and swimming on Panglao Island.

Bohol Island Tour: Tiny Monkeys and Chocolate Hills

We initially intended to make a few day trips to the individual Bohol tourist spots, including the Chocolate Hills, from our Panglao base. But after thinking about it, especially given our slightly reduced time in Bohol due to Typhoon Ruby, we decided instead to combine it all into a one day Bohol tour.

Why You’ll Love Island Hopping from Alona Beach

We had a blast staying on Alona Beach on Panglao Island. There were great activities nearby, from scuba diving to a Tarsier monkey sanctuary, and the whole area had a relaxed island vibe that resonated well with us. One of our first adventures from Alona Beach was an awesome island hopping tour to Balicasag and Virgin Islands.

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