Our Palawan Adventure

Palawan is rugged, pristine, and spectacularly beautiful. Travel can be tougher here than some places, but that’s part of why Palawan remains so alluring. For our efforts over about a month in Palawan we were rewarded with amazing sights, people, and experiences that we’ll always remember. We loved getting aquianted with Palawan’s wonders in Puerto Princesa’s […]

Sabang and the Mangrove Forest River Tour

Sabang is a lovely Palawan destination and we’re really glad we took the time to visit beyond just the Underground River. The beach is rugged and beautiful and there’s plenty to keep you busy for a few days at least. Here’s the lowdown on what else we got up to in Sabang (besides trekking to the Underground River), how to get Sabang, and where to stay.

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