Merry Christmas from the Philippines

Seasons Greetings from the Philippines! Sorry for not sending cards this year – I think the postage expense might lead to the end to our travels! As the annual Christmas letter is a family tradition, and part of the inspiration for our current adventure, we are publishing it here on the blog instead of mailing paper copies. Look at us being sustainable!


Boone Hall Plantation and Farms

While Magnolia Plantation & Gardens was overall a more kid-friendly plantation experience (mainly due to the petting zoo), Boone Hall Plantation and Farms should not be overlooked. In particular, the u-pick produce at Boone Farms is definitely worth a stop if the season is right.

Eagles, Rays, and Albino Gators at The South Carolina Aquarium

Coming from the Boston area, we have a pretty decent aquarium right in our backyard (the New England Aquarium) so any new aquariums have a high bar set for them. The South Carolina Aquarium did not disappoint us and we enjoyed a fun morning exploring its exhibits.

Charleston’s Eden: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens is a former rice plantation on the Ashley River just a few minutes drive from downtown Charleston. The main draw at Magnolia are acres of gardens of all kinds, one rolling into the next in an informal style. We are big fans of botanical garden type attractions at most places we visit, so this was right up our alley.

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